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Digital Marketing Strategies & Asset Management

Customized Technical Consulting Services

Competitive Online Marketing Strategies

Think competitive analysis, target market reach, user flows, click path, funnels or stream design, linking strategies, calls-to-action, strategic keyword placement, page layout impacts, analytics, insights, and search rankings.

And the keywords, of course, to attract qualified visitors to your digital assets, from search and paid ads.

To compete in the changing landscape of digital marketing, we look to strengthen your online presence by taking advantage of proven strategies to attract visitors, increase prospects and sales.

The working base of any online marketing plan includes a keyword strategy, a referral strategy and a consumer action strategy.

A keyword strategy for your business might include niche keyword placement, geotargeting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

A referral strategy strengthens incoming links from related, relevant sites, 'natural' referral links between partner sites and leverages deep link connections.

A consumer action strategy uses clickpaths and strong calls-to-action to drive consumer behavior, moving them from visitor to prospect to a customer of your business.

Analytics, insights and search ranking reports check that your digital assets continue to perform. This also provides data-driven optimization and continuous improvement of your online presence.

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Industries Served

Service, retail and non-profit industries including law firms, interior designers, medical & health services, travel, retailers, construction, real estate, financial services, professional services, and those in educational fields have benefited from our digital marketing strategies.

We work well with others so are happy to collaborate with your website designer and marketing team.

Client Focus

For more than 16 years, we have helped small business owners, non-profits and corporations promote their digital presence with a focus on results. The methods have changed. The competition has grown. We search for what works and what doesn't for each client's unique needs, market and budget. We don't just throw a list of keywords or complex reports at you. We work with you to produce results for your business.

Because results matter.

Since 2002, Suzanne Engels has been helping small business build their business on the web with customized internet marketing strategies that produce results in Google Search, attract qualified visitors and help turn those visitors from prospects to customers.

In addition to helping small business and non-profits make the most of internet and web marketing technology, we support the following causes:

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